HoloCube HC70

The HoloCube HC70 is an innovate projection system for projecting either 18 hours of compressed video at a bit rate of 4 Mb/s or 8 hours of compressed video at 9 Mb/s, using a 70 inch 1080 x 1920 DPI transparent display with a 178°/178°... Read more

Olomagic 180 Degrees

If you have recently been to a trade show or product launch, you have probably seen rows of conference tables covered with products, brochures and other company promos. This projector aims to change that by drawing in potential customers in a... Read more

StereoScape Dreamoc HD3

The StereoScape Dreamoc HD3 is a holographic display system with 3 viewable sides. The system lets you integrate 3D holographic content with physical products. By using the key-protected back door, you can easily access the chamber and the... Read more

Musion EyeLiner

Musion EyeLiner is an innovative system for projecting HD video holograms. The system is capable of projecting freeform3D holographic effects. It uses Peppers Ghost technology, which projects the effects on live stages. The projector delivers... Read more